We all know how limited our view is while driving during heavy rain. Raindrops pushing windscreen wipers to the limits of their performance. Additionally water sprayed by wheels of other vehicles, makes driving even more dangerous.

real nano

Real Nano is now available at Real Shine Car Detailing, ONLY comes with the B3 and B4 package, free of charge.

A successful application which modifies glass surfaces into super-hydrophobic, means that raindrops fall away leaving windscreen dry. Driving even during heavy rain doesn’t require use of the windscreen wipers. (Effective for up to 6 months)

Good visibility is a critical safety issue while driving, RealNano makes driving safer.



  • Long solution endurance up to 6 months
  • Only use wipers when necessary – air resistance removes rain drops
  • Better visibility during rainfall (enhanced for 34%) and reacting time during driving by 25%
  • Easiness of removing dirt (“easy-to-clean” effect) i.e. insects, mud, dust, tree drops and bird drops
  • Relatively little costs of the product compared to its advantages (economy in wipers use, windscreen washer and rare use of car wash)